Toy Poodles

About the Breed

Toy Poodles originate from Germany and are renowned for their high intelligence. They are very loving and loyal animals who love to be with their owners.

They are low allergenic dogs and are ideal for people with allergies. Their small size also makes them an ideal indoor pet from city dwellers in apartments to houses on a farm. 

A genuine Toy Poodle is around 2.5 to 3.5 kilograms in weight and approximately 10 inches high at the shoulder.

We aim to keep the “toy” look to our poodles and we love to clip ours with the teddy bear look. They do require maintenance and clipping frequently to keep them looking beautiful. Ours get frequent spa treatments to ensure that their coats are kept in perfect condition.

We are proud of the beautiful natures of our dogs and the care and love that has gone into treating each one of them pertaining to their own personality. Having amazing dogs like these has meant that our lives are filled with hours of reciprocated love from each and every dog that live with us. The way that they have bonded with us as a family and extended family is truly a blessing.

Types of Puppies Available

Toy Poodles are generally 24 cm high and weigh 2.5 – 3.5 kg. They make great additions to families, couples or people living on their own.We have several litters available per year. The colours and sex of puppies we have varies with each litter including red, champagne and black.

Our puppies also come with a puppy pack including puppy’s favourite toys, blanket and food. All our dogs are vet checked, vaccinated, wormed and micro chipped. 

If you decide that you have fallen in love with one of our puppies, we would love for you to collect it yourself but if you are unable to come personally, we have sent our babies all over Australia.  We are situated an easy 30 minute drive from Parkes in Central Western NSW. Please contact us and make an appointment to visit us to meet our available puppies.

How we look after our puppies

Environment – Our puppies are raised on a rural property and live inside of our home. They have the opportunity to develop in a natural setting, and free roam outside with plenty of place for them to play.

Socialising – From the moment a puppy is born, it’s carefully tended to by the mother and raised inside with us. The poodle world is an extension of our human one!

DNA Tested – All our parents are DNA profiled to ensure against any hereditary problems and all known defects.

Vet Check – All our dogs are Vet Checked, Vaccinated, Wormed and Micro Chipped. 

Diet –  Our puppies are on a high quality diet of freshly cooked chicken and human grade mince, with quality dry kibble available at all times.

Grooming – The puppies get frequent spa treatments to ensure that their coats are kept in perfect condition.

Our Breeding Dogs

Meet the adorable parents of our puppies! All our parents are DNA tested. They have regular vet checks and are extremely well cared for and are housed in our family home. We encourage you to visit us and meet the puppies in person to select what kind of temperament suits you and your family. 


Age: 4
Breed: Toy Poodle
Sex: Female

Ruby is a voracious young lady who loves her human parent’s attention. She lovingly cares for her litters and has even adopted another puppy from another mother! Ruby is the queen of the poodles and acts accordingly. Our Poodle Palace birthing suite is dedicated to this beautiful girl!


Age: 3
Breed: Toy Poodle
Sex: Female

Our Molly is one of the most loyal dogs we have ever owned in 50 years! She doubles up as a farm assistant and is often seen driving around the paddocks in a 4WD cruising around the sheep with Lyle. She begs for attention and holds her own amongst the other dogs. She’s a great all rounder!


Age: 2
Breed: Toy Poodle
Sex: Female

This little darling girl has the dearest eyes and she gets lost in her love for her human parents. She is outgoing and loves her one on one time soaking up all the attention she can gather. She has a stunning coat and a lovely temperament to match. She is a lover of all things human.


Age: 2
Breed: Toy Poodle
Sex: Male

Our boy Basil is one special guy. He’s snuggly and confident. A beautiful looking boy with the personality to go with it. He has an amazing coat and nature, and proudly the owner of our beautiful puppies that come along. His babies are always beautiful looking just like him. It is safe to say that he has an amazing life and that he is greatly adored.

Ready for a new member of the family?

We take pride and care in matching our puppies with the perfect new family. Please visit us to meet our puppies in person, or call us on 0428 652 222.