Who We Are

Meet the Breeders

We live in Central Western NSW on a property near Parkes. We pinch ourselves to check that our lifestyle is truly real. We have a life that others would only dream about. We are truly living our hearts desires and our wildest dreams on a beautiful property in an amazing historical home.

Toy Poodles came into our lives several years ago and have become our passion. The desire to see one of our puppies go to an equally loving family is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do. We love the breed and what it has to offer since our own children have moved and married. We not only breed Toy Poodles but exotic animals with some of our Aussie icons choosing us to purchase their animals from us.

Lyle and Virginia Wykes
Lyle and Virginia Wykes
Virginia with plane and llamas
Virginia has many hobbies including flying – featured in SBS Documentary

Our Story

After having a Tourist Farm at Wellington for 21 years and relocating closer to our children at Parkes NSW, we are now farming and breeding animals for our own pleasure. Showing animals at Agricultural Shows has been a passion for over 50 years and having a keen eye for perfection, the focus has moved to breeding Toy Poodles and other exotic livestock.

Our love for Toy Poodles all started with one desire, to have a dog that was highly intelligent. Virginia dreamt of having her own Toy Poodle after seeing one perform years before at the Sydney Royal Show. With no children in the home to love anymore, the Toy Poodle was a well thought out decision to include in our family.

Our Toy Poodles are bred as companion Pets firstly for us, and sometimes there is the opportunity that we extend our love to the Toy Poodle loving community who would love to adopt their very own.

Quality Assurance

We are members of the National Companion Pet Institute and DNA test our animals to ensure that they are going to be healthy, happy members of their new families. Virginia is a registered nurse for over 55 years and along with our vet, look after the dogs and check that their health is always at its optimum.

We will support the new parents of our fur babies as best we can and guarantee that your puppy will be healthy and happy and give you and your family many years of happiness. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pictured: our daughter Amanda, and granddaughter Bethany

Wish to take a look?

If your heart is calling for one of our beautiful Toy Poodles, our daughter Amanda is available to discuss your requirements in line with what you are looking for. Adopting one of our babies is a big step towards a decision to having your life filled with joy!