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Hi and welcome to our world where we get to share some of this cuteness overload with some other special humans that love this breed as much as we do! My name is Mandy and along with my family we are sharing our passion for this superb animal called the British Bulldog.

We live and breathe our dogs in our daily lives wether it be work or play…they come with us wherever we go. We are fascinated with their humanness and the extravagant nature of this heart warming breed!

About the Breed

British bulldogs or English bulldogs originated as the name says, in England. They have been a modified breed in latter years bred for companionship rather than bullbaiting which was their original purpose.

They have become a very popular breed for families to adopt and bring joy into their lives. They are a hands on breed that are as active in your everyday life as you want them to be. You will always find ours not very far from our side.


Types of Puppies Available

We specialise in bringing you a well rounded British bulldog with minimal health issues that looks stunning and that you would be proud to own.

They are generally up to 60cm high and weigh up to 25kg. They make great pets for families or for single people looking for that next level companionship. These are no ordinary boring dogs! They are full of life and have so much love to give their human folk.

We have limited numbers of litters per year. The colours and sex of puppies we have varies with each litter. 

Our puppies also come with a free vet check and pedigree registration papers. Occasionally we offer breeding quality puppies with mains papers otherwise your puppy will come with limited papers from the Master Dog Breeders Association. All our dogs are Vaccinated, Wormed and Micro Chipped. 

We are experienced in sending puppies interstate to their new homes. If this is an option for you we are happy to arrange it with quality pet carriers. We are situated about 10 minutes drive from Parkes in Central West NSW.

How we look after our puppies

Environment – Our puppies are raised on a rural property. Our puppies are free to roam and develop on acreage but ultimately they live inside with us.

Socialising – The longer our puppies are with us the better trained and socialised they become with other dogs, adults and children.

DNA Tested – All our dogs are DNA profiled to ensure against any hereditary problems and all known defects.

Vet Check – When we welcome a new litter, we then take them to our vet for a health check. All our dogs are vaccinated, wormed and microchipped. We have a live in experienced nurse from birth overseeing their growth.

Diet – Our puppies are on a high quality diet of Royal Canine along with fresh meats and other lactose free treats.

Grooming – These are a low maintenance dog as far as their coat is concerned. They need wiping around their folds on their face daily. We choose to bath ours frequently as they live inside with our family. 

Tan color British-Bulldog sitting on lounge chair

Meet Rustandwrinkles’ Breeding Dogs

Meet the adorable parents of our puppies. All our parents are DNA tested. They have regular vet checks and live the best bulldog life that they could only dream of. We encourage you to visit us and meet the parents in person before you buy a puppy from us. This will let you see their temperament which will give you an idea of how your puppy may behave in later life.


Bowjangels Dakota

Age: 2
Breed: British Bulldog
Sex: Female

Dakota (who we affectionately call “Pig”) is the whole reason why we have babies on offer! If we can reproduce the temperament and look of this stunning dog, we are more than proud to be able to share that and make someone else’s life that little bit more extra special! She is a stunning girl, who is very cheeky and outrageously friendly who is the absolute dream mummy to her babies.  She comes from quality English world champion show lines including  “Sealaville He’s Tyler”. 

placeholder image

Rustandwrinkles Olympia

Breed: British Bulldog
Sex: Female

Taking after her mummy in the stunning looks department, this up and coming delicious little lady has all the spark required to light up our lives ten times over! She’s intuitive and caring but she stands her ground as the “baby girl” and we all just give in to her shenanigans!

(photo coming soon)

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Rustandwrinkles Sircharge

Breed: British Bulldog
Sex: Male

He’s a no-nonsense type of guy that knows he’s drop-dead gorgeous and will be pulling the ladies with his big wide chest. He’s got a beautiful nature and a wonderful addition to our breeding program in the future. Looking forward to being able to offer this desirable man for stud duties.

(photo coming soon)

Ready for a new member of the family?

Contact us to find out what puppies we currently have available, or reserve a puppy from an upcoming litter.

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